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  • Medical Second Opinion

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  • Medical Second Opinion

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  • Medical Second Opinion

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'Medical second opinion’ is a patient's privilege to seek evaluation by a neutral or an independent doctor or surgeon of current diagnosis and treatment for a particular disease prescribed by a primary doctor. Thanks to advancements in telecommunications technology to-date, which have made it possible for any patient to obtain medical second opinion from specialists abroad without, otherwise, the need to travel there. This is the first time, to the best of our knowledge, that a service so important for health, complementing both public and private health delivery systems, has been made available in Slovenia and the region. Being an internet based product means that you can access our second opinions from anywhere around the world. 'Expert Medical Second Opinion’, abbreviated 'EMSO' is a product offered exclusively by V&C Intl. d.o.o. (a proprietary limited company), giving patients remote access to medical second opinions of medical specialists working at leading health centres and schools of medicine in USA and other parts of the world. Our EMSO service offers you versatility in that you can obtain an opinion for any disease, from any location and by different communication means: telephone, e-mail or via a e-form available on this site (contact us). Additionally, the EMSO process is secure, since all your medical data is transmitted via a password protected platform and where necessary by courier, ensuring protection of privacy throughout the process.

Importance of Medical Second Opinion

Getting a medical second opinion fulfills your medical needs and establishes your treatment goals. We never want to get sick, unfortunately, at one time or another, we do. Second opinions from V&C Intl. d.o.o. are unique in that the diagnosis and treatment prescribed by your doctor are evaluated by an independent and, frequently, the best medical specialist in the medical field under which your disease falls, who is located at one of the best medical centres abroad. A second opinion ensures that you get diagnosed correctly and receive the most appropriate treatment, providing you with a chance to recuperate quickly and reducing the chances of aggravated symptoms and side effects. When a second opinion confirms the initial diagnosis and treatment prescribed by your doctor, you may feel reassured and are likely to recuperate with less anxiety and uncertainty. The improved efficacy of treatment and shorter recovery times that result, make second opinion a highly cost-effective process, saving you, your health insurer and public health care provider money.

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  • What cases require a medical second opinion?

    What cases require a medical second opinion?

    When your medical condition (a) is severe, (b) requires risky treatment with long term negative consequences, (c) is rare, (d) is characterised by unclear or unusual symptoms or (e) is known, but you are seeking peace of mind through the recovery period...

  • Obtaining a medical second opinion is a patient’s right

    Obtaining a medical second opinion is a patient’s right

    HPCSA stipulates that a practitioner shall not impede a patient from obtaining a second opinion...

  • Obtaining a medical second opinion is not a sign of mistrust

    Obtaining a medical second opinion is not a sign of mistrust

    ... but a sign of active patient participation; your doctor may encourage you to seek medical second opinion; a second opinion only ensures you and your doctor peace of mind...